we love 100/1

Here’s why we love 100/1 Roulette

Discover some top important facts about the newest 100/1 Roulette. Learn how to play the game, why you should test it and what’s so special and interesting about it right now.

The roulette is doubtlessly one of the most fundamental symbols of casino experience. But, meanwhile, it has been one of the most played casino game, too. This is why it would be a total sin for us not to mention at least one of the newest or the top preferred roulettes in the internet nowadays. We’ve got news for you – today we will present you an awesome online roulette that you will definitely like for many reasons.

Meet 100/1 Roulette – sounds like a typical roulette, but it’s not exactly a standard one. This casino game, though, would be curious for both: the total newbies in the field, who are just about to taste the experience of roulette gambling, and the experienced roulette players, who are looking for something fresh and tempting. What’s quite extraordinary here is the fact that the payout and the bet come with a bit modified nature, but don’t worry, because it would be for your good, because each will get you quite more pockets. For instance, if you predict the correct number from the roulette and you have made your bet on a quite low odd that’s under the average amount, you still have the chance to multiply your bet by 100. That’s why the game is called 100/1 after all. The only requirement for this multiplication is to see your ball on your preliminarily made choice for a number.

This roulette also has one exclusive mode. It’s called Turbo mode and it allows you to skip the next spin of the wheel. To activate this mode you only need to press on the homonymous name. Moreover, this game from Inspired Gaming portfolio, comes with quite satisfying RTP – nearly 96.8%. Of course, if your betting strategy sucks, the percentage is lower, but it will not fall under 93%. There are two Lucky options in 100/1 Roulette. Lucky 8 allows you to win in case you select any number that includes 8, including 8, itself. With this roulette hit you will get a higher profit amount. On the other side, the Lucky Dip is an extra feature where there’s an automatically and randomly chosen number instead of you and by the software. You are the one who chooses only the amount of the bet, but the profit is higher rather than if you make your choice the standard way.

This roulette is quite exciting, widely spread across today’s online casinos and according to its biggest fans we should even see it on the ground casino areas, because it’s something new and meanwhile compatible to the highest gambling standards in the industry nowadays. So on mandatory test it, too! You will definitely love it.

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