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5 Things we learned about poker during the first quarter of 2020

Here are five conclusions about pokerace99 we have ended up with during the first quarter of the 2020th year. Check out some lessons about poker from the first months of the year.

Taking lessons from poker is crucial. We should learn from our mistakes. But we also should try to remember the improvising strategies in those days we tend to experiment. As poker bloggers we are also keen in the idea to take lessons and to make conclusions. And since the first quarter of the 2020 was quite an exciting period, including for gambling and poker, we have our conclusions.

Here are the five things we have learned about poker during the first months of the year.

  1. Playing poker during quarantine and self-isolation might be a rescue. For those of you who have survived without getting close to the depression we can say congrats. We are sure that you have finally spent that desired free time in gambling. Poker indeed saved a lot of desperate minds. Poker turned out to be the most preferred card game when it comes to both: killing time and earning some cash while remaining at safe, at home.
  2. Poker scams and newly established poker websites are completely different things. It was very long time ago when pokerstars was the only website we could trust. Today, the reality is completely different. Today, even the biggest online poker pro is impossible to name all the reliable internet platforms for gambling. If in past, the new websites were immediately called unknown, which meant scam, today, newly appearing platforms like pokerace99 bring more expectations for innovations and cool bonuses rather than suspicions.
  3. Poker can be the only source of income. Finally, the myth about rigged gambling games in the internet is about to leave this planet. And finally, the average players figured it out – you should invest a lot of money and efforts to reach the level of a professional player, who can make his earning without doing anything else.
  4. The American market is not the only poker market that has been advancing very fast. Indeed, in the end of the 2019th year the specialists were kind of obvious and certain claiming that poker is about to start in the USA. However, today, we are witnesses of a huge impact of the Asian poker websites over the international gambling market in the internet. And no, you shouldn’t underestimate the Asian bookies at all.
  5. Re-buy poker tournaments are not made for all players. These events should be afforded. There’s no possibility for an average poker player to win a VIP tournament even if he gets an invitation. And the same goes for the re-buy tournament: no matter how great you are in poker, if you don’t have a deep pocket, don’t enter it.

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