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Are the Odds in Free Online Poker the Same As Real Poker?

Are the odds in free online poker the same as real poker?

Poker is a fun game, whether you have money on a game or not. Most people probably do prefer to have a stake in any poker game they play, but there are many players who do not. This could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe they just don’t have money to bet, or maybe they just don’t like taking risks. It could be that they enjoy the game, but they play too often to bet regularly. Whatever the reason, not all poker games need to be played for real money. But what about the odds? Are the odds in a free online poker game the same as real poker?

Before we get into it, we should state that online poker and “real” poker are different games. For one, you can’t see the other players when you play online. This takes out a significant factor compared to the real version. When playing in person, table talk and reading the room are absolutely essential for success. When playing poker online, all of that is out the window. It is purely about strategy and what cards you have in your hands. You can also play several games at once online, whereas in real poker you have to focus on only one card.

So, are the odds better? Well, yes and no. Mathematically the odds should be exactly the same. Reputable online poker sites use random number generator programs to make sure that each outcome is random and the results are fair. There are a number of myths about rigged online poker games, but there is no evidence that any of those myths are true.

That said, you may have a better chance of winning one or the other based on your own personal skills. Are you good at reading people and hiding your own intentions? Then maybe real life is best for you. However, with an online game, you dont have to worry about making any mistakes in those areas. All you need to do is concentrate on the cards and make the best strategical decisions. Also, with free online games, the skill level of your opponents is probably not at the caliber of a real poker game with real stakes. Novice players aren’t as keen to work on their skills when money is on the line. So, while the mathematical odds are the same, your chances of winning may be better depending on what game you choose.

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