slot myths

Meet the worst slot myths we have ever met

Discover the most popular Slot Online myths we have ever heard about. Read this material to stop believing in the most common lies about the slot machines nowadays.

Playing Slot Online is an amazing opportunity to all casino lovers out there who prefer the comfort of their homes and avoid traveling too much, especially today, when the majority of the world is locked at home. And even though online slots have been at your disposal via the internet for long time ago, unfortunately, there is still some misunderstanding about them.

The web is full of personal opinions left by people, who are either just players, or experts, but with little analytic skills to be able to make general conclusions. It happens often when the things they say turn into facts and many punters, especially the beginners in the field, take them for granted. However, they are nothing else, but a pack of lies. We are here today to put an end for all of them. We are here to debunk the worst slot myths we have ever met regarding the slot machines.

  1. If you place the biggest possible stake on a slot machine you actually increase your odd for a winning. Indeed, there’s a button called Max bet in each slot machine infrastructure. However, clicking on it to guarantee a prize – the biggest possible prize – is a very wrong approach. The truth is that the only guarantee you get is to soon run out your money for gambling.
  2. If a slot has recently made a person millionaire, then you have no chances for a win on this machine.  This myth has been walking around since the big boom of slots within the ground casinos. But unfortunately, a lot online players believe it, too, which is why they make some unnecessary researches about the latest jackpots hit on the website aiming to avoid the slots that registered the wins.
  3. A slot is a game of luck and actually there’s nothing you can do to increase your chances for a win. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of strategies you can take, including making researches regarding the RTP rates per each slot you sit on or choosing the most profitable odds in the web.
  4. It’s very important when you play a certain slot game. According to some people, some machines are “programmed” to give wins during the first of the day, while the others offer jackpots only after midnight. But, actually no casino works like that. Casinos work 24/7 – whether ground or with Slot Online products – and particularly every single moment you have the possible chance to make a win.
  5. The slots with progressive jackpots are either won immediately after their debut or within a long time. The progressive jackpot is progressive, because it’s able to change its amount within the time. This is why it’s more likely for such a slot machine to release a winner at a sudden moment, but not on fixed time – like in the beginning or after a long time.

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