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The different types of betting agents every punter should know about

See what types of agen bola terbaik you can meet in your betting activity. Find out how the different agents from all over the world are classified depending on the competency they get to operate in a country or with a certain bookmaker.

If you have some experience in the betting field, you might know that apart from the bookmakers – the official companies which offer you sport markets and odds for gambling – there are many betting agents registered in the industry. The betting agents are specific figures in the global world of sport bets that represent the role of professional assistance in gambling.

Usually, agen bola terbaik is a person who opens an account instead of you and later, manages it at a full value aiming to save you time and increase your monthly or weekly income. But here’s what you should know – there are different types of agents. If you are planning to soon opt for such help and find a good agent to stand by your side, you might be curious to learn these three types of agents.

Generally, we categorize the betting agent types depending on the agent’s “super powers” in helping you. The level of professionalism and the skills the agent has classify him or her in any of these three groups of agents:

  • Traditional standard agent. It’s very common for these agents to look for customers on their own. What they do is to offer the customers better or attractive odds. In many cases the agents place bets for their own wallets, too, alongside with the official bets they place for customers. Many specialists consider the ordinary agent as a small bookmaker, because he or she is ordinarily in charge to select the specific matches and markets instead of the punter.
  • Masteragent. This agent has usually the same functions as the ordinary agents, but they are with bigger territory of practice. Masteragents are commonly in charge for the customers from a whole region, country and etc. To be able to manage so many accounts and to collaborate with so many bookmakers, the masteragents prefer to build specially tailored nets of single agents who can approach each customer individually rather than putting him into a robotic scheme of work.
  • SuperMasterAgent. Last, but not least, we should tell more about this type of agen bola terbaik. The SuperMasterAgent is typical for the fact to be on the top of the betting hierarch of agents. They are in most cases responsible for a whole continent. Many people believe that these agents get the biggest money, but that’s not exactly true. As a matter of fact the supermasteragent gets the smallest percentage of the betting deal. Hence, the number of punters this agent serves compensate the income and these days, it’s said for the supermasteragents to be the richest among all agents in gambling world.

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