Cheated On A Poker Table

Tips To Protect Oneself From Getting Cheated On A Poker Table

Playing poker at an online casino gives protection to its players, but there could be some chances of getting tricked. Follow these tips to get protection from being cheated.

Several poker players like to play at online casinos or land-based casinos as it offers them a fair play to win. But, some individuals can take advantage when players are winning big. Although getting cheated daily is never a case for most players. However, in some cases, it states that players have faced some cheating incidents while playing on a poker table. If you are looking for a trusted online casino that protects its players under the Gaming law, play at situs poker online.

Here are some tips to protect the player from being cheated.


Ghosting is not an uncommon practice in the world of online poker games. It happens when an individual seeks advice from an experienced casino player. Ghosting can be done, in several ways, including the players sitting together or chatting over Viber, Skype, or Teamviewer. It happens when you will win a large amount and be willing to take some advice during this crucial stage. To avoid such a situation, a player must stick to the solid and GTO-based strategy and not relying on any reads. 

Poker Bots 

Poker bots have always been a real problem in the poker community. A poker bot is a program designed to play online poker, from a user account automatically. Some players avail the poker bot because they don’t need to play any hands themselves. These players can sit back and let the program do the job for them. This programming has concerned several players as they are not skilled to beat a computer. It is a big problem because online poker is not meant to play among humans and computers. However, today’s good news is that online poker sites are now looking for bot-activities and are banning the players from using these programs.

Card Sharing 

While playing on a live poker table, players come with innovative ideas to win. Some strategies also include sharing card information with their friend, participating in playing at the same table. Share the card information using Viber and Skype, discuss hands, or play together intending to take the chips or money from the other players. Since players are playing online, this becomes very tricky to prove anything against them. However, some reputed poker websites have put their efforts to stop such activities from happening. You can do the best thing to protect yourself by noticing if the same people repeatedly participate in every game. If they are the same players, then walk away from that game and not waste money and efforts trying to win against them.

The point of discussing different cheating conditions is not to make you feel paranoid but to alert and cautious of situations. Most regulated online casinos are very strict against cheaters and take the necessary steps against them.

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