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Top lies all poker players love telling

Check out the most common lies a player from pokerace99 usually says. These are the top popular lies you can hear from a real poker player.

They say poker players are great liars in life. Is it so? You would tell us the best, because we are just following the latest trends. Hence, if you are a regular customer in pokerace99, would you admit that in life, sometimes you love lying? What about within the poker tournament?

Don’t worry. That’s not an interrogation. We are just trying to introduce you to our material which is by the way, devoted to the top lies almost all poker players love telling. In the end of this article, we will ask you once again – do you lie, too?

In all cases, the following lies said by poker players are kind of real. We have asked a couple of players and most of them shared these things:

  1. “It was a total luck, I don’t have so many skills, indeed…”. Whether in the game or in something else a poker player is quite an expert, he would never brag about it. On the contrary, he prefers to reduce his bragging hours in telling how amazing he is rather than pointing out his strong points. It’s a habit the poker player acquired in the game, where it’s better not to look like a pro from the beginning of the session.
  2. “I don’t mind losing or being wrong, it’s a lesson I’m going to accept”. That would be lovely, but unfortunately no poker player truly thinks so. As a matter of fact, they all experience every loss with a sad smile. Hence, the idea is not to let your emotions dictate your game. It’s kind of ok to lose some money and then to be sorry, right?
  3. “Everyone should risk in life, otherwise he will never win”. That’s not a thing a player would think. After all, there’s no one else who knows what a loss after a big risk is like the poker player. And to tell you the truth, most poker players are more passive in life when it comes to risks.
  4. “I am truth teller. I never bluff”. Who do you think you lie to? We all try to bluff in the game and if somehow, the bluff gets us the win, it’s obvious to test the method in real life. Actually, in real life people who play poker in an online platform for gambling should be considered as great liars. And the bluff aspect matters a lot in this statement.

So what would you say now? Haven’t you really lied ever? Do you say these things, too? If yes, then you are definitely a real poker player.

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