Why You Are Losing At Horse Racing

Results intimate many things to several people. Ask a destitute man and he would be grateful for fifty dollars, seek a rich man and he would need millions. Ask a priest, and he numbers his results in souls, a builder, in houses, a salesman in sales.

What it really comes down to is that results are only worthwhile when they are comensurate with the endeavour required to acquire them. Unfortunately, most do not want to put the hard toil in, to attain results meaningful enough to be a payment. To justify the strain.

Horse racing is the same. There is plenty to be made, but it’s not made by those walking in off the streets and looking for a fast buck, a fast return, an easy ride as it were.

You either put the arduous toil in, or pay for someone elses hard work, whether that’s from a jockey who knows people (or maintains to, at any rate), from a sharp gambler, or from someone looking to sell the intelligence they have, from hard work of their own that they have put in.

Whichever system you pay for, you can be sure that it won’t be cheap – because, again, the energy involved is what you are paying for. So when people inquire “Why would tipping services sell their horse racing tips, if they worked, wouldn’t they use them themselves?”, they are asking a fairly expected question, but the truth to the answer lies in the toil involved in getting something that works, against the odds, against the bookmakers, and does so constantly and profitably.

Undeniably, they are using the intelligence themselves – and if they’re not, then yes you should query the validity of their claims, but there are limits to results, in profit terms, before those running the system realise that they’re no longer swindling a sheep, but are instead being mauled by a wolf. Bookmakers close accounts, or limit the account expenditure to some insignificant maximum.

It is imperative to be very precise, attentive, when you’re a wolf rising out of a paddock full of sheep, it’s pretty conspicuous.

So then it is required to get results in other ways, to diversify, so you can detect genuine results, horse racing tips that deliver on the guarantee.


Believe that it can happen for you, put the endeavour in, or pay for the privilidge of someone elses sweat, someone elses expert australian horse racing tips. Check us out for a lot more information, including ways to kick-start from a small amount, how to find and develop discipline and the key reasons why you fail as a punter.

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